Concentration Workshop for Kids through Clowning (Under 15 years)
Funobics, J P Nagar 7th Phase

image of Concentration Workshop for Kids through Clowning (Under 15 years)
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Most children find it difficult to concentrate in school. The only difference between the first ranker and the low ranker is their level of focus in the classroom. What if, children learn how to focus and absorb the most in class? You will save lakhs of rupees on extra coaching classes, and kids will find it easy to ask their doubts to teacher as their shyness will vanish. This workshop will be conducted by Ms. Ronak Sharma, who has been practicing energy clowning for 7 years and received several prestigious awards. Her work has been covered in Times of India, Deccan Herald, Mirror and countless publications. It is a beginners level workshop and no prior experience in clowning is necessary.

Every guest who books ticket 3 days in advance receives a gift that will help your kid accelerate his performance in school from Funobics, Indias specialty wellness brand!

Starting from Rs 124 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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3rd Floor, In front of Brigade Millenium, 537, Kothnur Road, RBI East Layout, Phase 7, J P Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, India