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Plz do read, spread the word and participate... !

It is a well known fact that one of the biggest complaints about the Indian Railways is the poor practice of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, both on the trains and at the stations. There is no shame in accepting it. Many efforts from our end have not proved to be fruitful. In some cases, where some initiatives have worked well, we have not been able to provide a permanent solution. The most important reasons are poor awareness, ignorance or even the ''I don't care attitude' of the people themselves. The other reason being that the sheer number of people dirtying the railway premises. For example, the Bangalore City Station has a footfall of about 2 lakh people everyday. Even if 20% of the people dirty it, it is a disproportionately high number of people to the cleaners employed, and that too for a place that is extensive in area and functioning 24x7x365.

To overcome this problem, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Railways have come up with a massive drive to clean our railway stations, improve awareness and educate people. On the 2nd of Oct 2014, we at the Bangalore Division of Railways have taken up a first of its kind initiative to invite volunteers to take part in this cleanliness drive and beautify the railway stations and to spread awareness among people. The entire event will involve participation from the staff and officers of the railways along with volunteers.

I would like to request you to spread the message not only among your friends but also people at large to increase participation. The drive will be conducted across all Railway Stations in Bangalore Division. So more the participation, the better it is. I will personally be coordinating the event with the volunteers. I will put up more details shortly and even create an FB event page to post them. It will also include a one-point-contact number. The basic information is as below.

What : Cleanliness Drive
Where : Bangalore City Station
When : 2nd Oct 2014 at 10:00 am

Plz do post here for any queries or contact on

Thank you

Shreyas Hosur
Asst. Divisional Finance Manager (ADFM)/
Bangalore Division

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