Charkha - Rural Trails - Outing
Havyasa - The Unique Hobby Club, Hormavu

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  • Western Ghats


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Do you know how glorious and age-old Indian traditions and lifestyles are still very much alive and working well even in today's age? Would you like to visit this Real India? She is beautiful, diverse, culturally rich and most importantly SUSTAINABLE and in blend with nature. How about having a chance to witness this magic in a safe, welcoming and pure environment!
If feel like just getting away, blending into nature - surrounded by simple, beautiful people where your laptop wont charge and wi-fi is just not an option, then travel with us. Travel with us to the serene environment of the Western Ghats, a village so quiet and has an unassuming dynamism. Experience a different lifestyle – like 50 years back.

Starting from Rs 700 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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Havyasa - The Unique Hobby Club

Hormavu, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India