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Kynkyny Art presents CARNIVAL OF LIFE featuring the latest works of Bangalore-based artist, Dhrubajyoti Baral, on display from August 7th to August 29th. One of the most poetic and visionary contemporary artists in the country, Baral is known for his radiant and romantic tempera art works. Combining indigenous inspiration, regional traditions and folklore with a unique contemporary style and a playful imagination, the show conjures dreamy visions of young lovers, women in happy solitude, and musicians and bards in the company of nature.
Ethereal and full of wonder, the artist creates a sublime world untouched by the all-consuming tide of urbanisation and technology. His art sings a rich rustic ballad, where the human world is seen in blissful communion with the natural world. A true Romanticist at heart, Baral’s notion of nature isn’t one of scenic, postcard views. In his canvasses, nature is no retreat or static backdrop. It is a powerful force that is the very source of imagination and is the centrifugal force behind his art. In its fertile and unfettered terrain, we discover freedom, inspiration and belonging, become part of a larger design and find our connection with the rest of the living world.

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