`Border Blast` LIVE
Take5, Indiranagar

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BORDER BLAST all set to rock the stage

Border Blast is:
Ananth Menon—Guitars and Vocals, Rahul Tadimalla—Keyboard and vocals, Osi Gomango - Bass and Deepak Raghu—Drums.
We are playing for you a set of classic blues tracks, and shall be featuring guest guitarist and vocalist
Jishnu Dasgupta from Delhi.
With each member of Border Blast playing on the Indian scene for various reputed Indian bands
such as Galeej Gurus, Hoodoo Gas and Revivers; Border Blast is Bangalore music’s next big
sensation. Get ready to tap your toes and enjoy an evening with the music you like to hear the
most. Blast away those Sunday night blues, with an exciting set of real blues tracks.

The line up for the gig is follows:
1) Ananth Menon - Guitar and Vocals
2) Jishnu Dasgupta - Guitars
3) Rahul Tadimalla - Keyboard and Vocals
4) Deepak Raghu - Drums
5) Osi Gomango - Bass

Starting from Rs 0 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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54, MSK Plaza, 2nd Floor, 100th Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038