BIG 69 Pre gig Feat. Chaos | Orchid | Dark Helm |Dark Desolation
CounterCulture, Whitefield

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Taking the initiative of bringing metal to the masses, BAJAAO has always been striving hard to give bands an avenue to prove their mettle. Putting together six gigs in different parts of the country, the BIG69 pre gigs are here to take India by storm, with a massive line-up building up to India's first heavy metal pilgrimage BIG69. Be ready for the biggest new year pre-party lineup in Bangalore this year!

The Official BIG69 pre-gig - Bangalore - at CounterCulture

Chaos (Trivandum)
Chaos is a four-piece thrash metal band reputed for the loud and heavy music that they've been playing since 2005 when they started playing shows, easily are one of the finest metal acts from Kerala. Known for their tight and aggressive performances live, the quartet garnered impressive reviews for their debut release 'Violent Redemption'.

Dark Helm (Pune)
Dark Helm is a five-piece metal machine from Pune. Having a number of achievements under their belts (endorsements, record label deals and awards/nominations) they are ready to conquer Bangalore and absolutely annihilate the stage with their twist on Modern Metal. Unique and not completely definitive of a genre, their blend of music is something to look forward to.

Orchid (Bangalore)
Formed in late 2011, Orchid is a four-piece avant-garde metal act from Bangalore. With elements from prog rock to jazz to more extreme forms of metal, Orchid has earned repute and appreciation from the audience, critics and musicians alike for their technically proficient, unorthodox approach to songwriting, intricate genre-bending compositions, and intense live musicianship. Also known for their strong identity and tightness onstage, Orchid offers a sound which is technical, dense, eclectic and exceptionally unique.

Dark Desolation (Bangalore)
Dark Desolation is a black metal band from Bangalore, India. Formed in 2010, Dark Desolation draw inspiration from sheer interest towards the genre and the music. The band has also featured on a Metal Hammer compilation and are set to share their bone-crushing black metal with all of you.

Date: 26th December
Venue: Counter Culture, # 2D2, Whitefield Road, 4th Cross, Dyavasandra Industrial Area, , Mahadevpura, Bangalore – 560048
Entry: Rs. 100/-

For one weekend in January, the industrial environs of Richardson & Cruddas in Byculla (Mumbai) will become ground zero for metal in India at BIG69. 23 bands, 3 stages and a whole lot of music, art, food, alcohol and headbanging! BIG69 is supported by Pepsi MTV Indies.

Starting from Rs 25 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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# 2D2, 4th Cross Devasandra Industrial Area, Whitefield Road, Bangalore