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The Humming Tree, Indiranagar

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BASS CAMP FESTIVAL 13: SYMBIZ SOUND (Berlin), Gautham & EZ Riser
The Humming Tree, Bangalore
24th Oct, Friday


The Korean-German brothers Buddysym and ChrisImbiss are the two members of Berlin-based SYMBIZ SOUND – an up and coming, innovative producer duo and live-act on the global bass scene.

Influenced by their early interest in Reggae and HipHop, their sound proceeded from Dubstep inspired productions to a versatile, dancefloor oriented, new style – sometimes been labeled as 'Future Dancehall' in the past.

Always in search for fresh inspirations, SYMBIZ keep collaborating with plenty of international artists, like vocalist ZHI MC – whose unique vocal skills now blaze at their live-
shows! Solely based on own productions and run with their
self-made controllers, these concerts transfer the energy of
soundsystem culture in its best form into a globalized
electronical club context – taking SYMBIZ through Europe

(Fusion Festival, Uprising Festival, Manchester, Barcelona), to Russia or over to South America.

The debut album “OneFourFive“ was released on May 3rd
2013 and the new songs will surely be presented and
celebrated at all Club- and Festival-Gigs that fill up their busy schedule

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The Humming Tree

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