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On one of our new walks, we take you to some beautiful heritage homes in Basavanagudi that still stand due to owner's loving care and pride.

The homes were not just beautiful structures but supported a certain lifestyle and culture of an era that has long gone.Join us to learn more about these heritage homes, the families and their stories of Bangalore that once was.

On this walk, e meet famous living legends of Basavanagudi at their home and learn how life used to be in this locality more than 60-70 years ago. Also listen to his house history too. Next we catch up with the owner of a 107 year old house and learn about the Diwan of Mysore who built that house. We also look at how some of these elegant houses have been converted into successful commercial ventures instead of demolishing them. So be prepared to go on a walk which will take you back into a 'Bygone' era in Basavanagudi.

The walk is about about 3 hours duration. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. Spots are less so book early to avoid disappointment.

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Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India