Bangalore Horse Riding School
Bangalore Horse Riding School, Near Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Energy and Development

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The spaced out, well-maintained and professional look of the arena gives you more than enough reasons to feel confident about receiving great training .

  • Individual attention given by the trainers
  • Highly competent training staff




The Bangalore Horse Riding School was established in 2014 and is known for providing reasonably priced lessons when compared with those of other Riding Schools. They have both group and individual training programs to learn horse riding. The campus is defined by the rugged and raw essence which is palpable. Everything, right from walking, cantering, trotting as well as advanced skills such as show jumping are taught here. 

The school offers two sets of modules to choose from, Module one is basics while Module 2 is a little more advanced while being a longer course.

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All Days : 3:30 PM to 6 PM
All Days : 6 AM to 9 AM
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Bangalore Horse Riding School

Srirampura Cross, Amrutahalli, Jakkuru, Near Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Energy and Development, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064, India