Bangalore Blind Walk 2015
The Project Vision

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  • Blind Walk
  • Experience of a Life time


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Blind folded walk at a Prominent Location in Bangalore
• The walk will be led by blind people
• Rest of the people would be blind folded
• 1 km stretch walk
• Open to all the people of Bangalore
• Awareness Programs
• Entertainment programmes by the blind

One of the things that should make us think as a nation is the fact that more than one third of the World's blind persons are in our country. The number is quite shocking: 15 million out of the 39 million. This shocking figure touched a few of us very deeply. We decided to do something. We started The Project Vision with the vision, “Let everyone see”.

Fifty of us committed ourselves to two objectives:
• to make eye donation a norm in the society and
• to create opportunities for the permanently blind to live a descent life

Eye donation can bring light to over 3 million blind persons. The other 80% can live better through various facilities that could be created for them.

By organizing Bangalore Blindwalk our goal is to provide an opportunity to experience what is blindness for the participants and through this to create awareness for the public about eye donation.

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The Project Vision

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