Attakkalari India Biennial 2015: Les Chants des l'umai (France)
Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar

image of Attakkalari India Biennial 2015: Les Chants des l'umai (France)
  • Performance
  • International Artist


Presented by the Attakkalari India Biennial 2015.

In the imaginary, dream-like state that the choreographer Marcia Barcellos creates in this work, she is Umai, the womb of the universe, or a woman-dragon of the fictional territory of Gravbekistan. In this ode to femininity, the reconstructed memory of many fantasized or imaginary divinities is conveyed through five songs loosely derived from Indian or African melodies. Each of them, in the manner of ancient theatre, introduce an epic poem of a past era that only body memory can tie us to. As a loyal disciple of American choreographer Alwin Nikolais, the choreographer uses the whole gamut of effects, including video, lighting, holograms and props created by co-founder of Systeme Castafiore Karl Biscuit. The intersection of a movement vocabulary particular to her work and the ever-evolving scenography of Les Chants Des l'Umai allows it to go as close as it can to a re-imagined world.

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Ranga Shankara

36/2 8th Cross II Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore