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The play Akku in Kannada is an adaptation of three short stories namely Ammachiya Nenapugalu, Akku and Puttammatte Mommagalu by renowned Kannada litterateur Mrs. Vaidehi. The play is plotted in a seemingly different narrative of very intrinsic sensibilities. The play primarily intends to capture and subtly express the continuous struggle of a woman in the society. The play explores beyond the perception of Akku's character as a mentally challenged woman, in her struggle for existence. The whimsical male characters portrayed in the play, control and play around the female characters through both - psychological and physical violence, thus limiting her role to physical means to quench their sexual desires. It haunts us as the different faces of the male are exposed in a male-dominant system. On the contrary, women appear to be imprisoned in a claustrophobic space directly or indirectly controlled by invisible threads.

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Ranga Shankara

36/2 8th Cross II Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore