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Shoonya, Lal bagh road


Fri, Jan 23 to Sun, Jan 25
Time: 7 PM - 9 PM



image of A Moment of Memory
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Sometimes you remember, sometimes you question, sometimes you wonder, sometimes you forget. Why did it happen? How am I supposed to know? What the hell was that about? When did you find out? A moment of memory is an intimate experiential performance that takes you through real life events and incidents of 4 performers from experiencing crime to tough relationships, from individual hope to a sense of duty and from cherishing good times to fighting everyday troubles. The performers put themselves out there - their lives, their stories, their struggles, their fears, their moments for you to experience and be part of. Immerse yourselves into their worlds - a faded memory, a memory revisited, a memory erased, a memory lived.

Why is this performance experiential?

You, the audience will not just watch the performance, but be part of it in different ways, if you choose to, that is. In this promenade theater piece, you, the audience will be taken through a path of performances, one after the other, where you will also share, reflect and forget along with the performers. The performance will also seek to engage senses of smell, feel and taste. The performance is intimate, with only 10-12 audience members every performance. Come share a moment of memory with us.

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Shoonya, Brahmananda Court: Bangalore