A Kodava Home Dining Experience
Kakkabe, Kabbinakad

★ 4.3/5

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The Kodava Culinary experience will be one of the rarest & wildest for sure.

  • Homestay amidst the beautiful hills of Coorg
  • The Kodava Culinary experience




Duration: 3 Hours
Start Time: 6 PM Onwards
Minimum People – 7
Maximum People – 20
Start Point: Kabbinakad, Kakkabe Village

The Kodava Menu is replete with plenty of non-vegetarian food. A land full of fresh greens, tender bamboo shoots and Wild Edible Mushrooms are cooked with fresh pork and other meat. Rice is the Staple food of Coorgs. Rice Roti (Akki Roti) is the most savoured & popular breakfast dish in the community. Coorg styled Pork curry has made its way globally in many of the best restaurants of the world. Smoked, Dried or Fresh the meal of a Kodava is never without the meat. Fish & Crab are also widely used in their dishes. Vegetarian dishes are mostly from the wilds & the coffee estates. Some of the popular ones are Therme Thoppu (Variety of Fern), Bamboo shoots, Wild Mangoes, Mushrooms & Kembu Curry (leaves of the colcosia plant).

Tariff: Rs 1150 / Person

Arrive at the homestay amidst the beautiful hills of Coorg located in Kakkabe Village
Introduction to the tour & Sip the traditional Coorg Coffee
Plantation tour to understand the ingredients available for Coorg Cuisine
Enjoy Scrumptious traditional Kodava dinner with some homemade wines & Juices

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Starting from Rs 287 per person for 2 days, 1 night with cab and accommodation

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All Days : 6 PM to 9 PM
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Kakkabe, Kunjila, Karnataka 571214