Siddara Betta, tumkur


to Sun, Apr 19

image of 2nd Anniversary Ride to Siddara Betta

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  • Explore Mountain on Bike
  • Rocky Hill


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Here are some interesting facts about the destination we head to explore:
# The route which leads to Siddara Betta gives a good experience of rural ride!!!
# In Kannada Sidda means Seer and Betta means Hill. Long ago there were many Seers/Saints who resided there, hence the name.
# Perfect for a day's trip to explore the rocky hill of 1.2km high with natural caves and medicinal herbs.
# It takes about 1 to 1.5 hrs to reach the hill top. Once you reach the top, at the entrance there is a natural spring where the water is so cold that once you touch it you get energised in seconds. This water is also known to have medicinal properties.
# With the help of local support we can explore the caves. They are so dark and at few places you can see sunlight entering through small orifices. At some places we may have to bend down. You can see lot of vines as well.

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Siddara Betta

Siddara Betta, Karnataka 572138, India